Singapore parking coupon tampering

To make Singapore a great city to live, work and play. Tear off the relevant tabs of your parking coupons correctly and completely. Park your vehicle entirely.
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1. Use of mobile communication device while driving

A Singapore Government Agency Website. Receive our monthly updates. Sign up as our volunteer. Ideas and Trends Publications Courses. Parking Coupons You can find the rates of parking coupons for cars, buses and lorries in this section. Parking Coupons for Motorcycles. Common Offences. Urban Redevelopment Authority. Car Parks. Development Control.

You doubled-park your vehicle against a double-white line and wait; allowing your passenger to do errands such as running into the bank to make a deposit or to deliver goods. Surely these errands could take up to 30 minutes but the car park warden never chased you away. You could block other motorists also but as long you move your vehicle, it was alright. All kinds of reasons not to pay were accepted by the car park wardens. Maybe people in the past were more reasonable and forgiving. In there were URA car park wardens employed. When the self-ticketing system was introduced, car park warden duties were changed to enforcement duties at the car parks.

They imposed surcharges on the spot when motorists display invalid coupons. Enforcement wardens on scooters were sent out to keep a look-out for motorists who did not display valid car park coupons, tampering with the coupons folding backwards without tearing away the tabs or cheating on the starting time. Photo 3: The law on wheels; yesterday and today I observed that with the implementation of self-ticketing parking coupons, city parking charges went up even faster than before.

There were all sorts of variations as shown in Photo 4 that can be very confusing for motorists. Fines also escalated to newer heights. Photo 4: Motorist woes, government happiness. Then nearer to you, he loudly beeps the scooter horns. Posted by Victor at Saturday, December 19, Labels: carpark , guest blogger , nostalgia , peter chan.

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1,960 caught tampering with parking coupons

On closer inspection, the officers discovered that there were several other tabs with fold marks on them. They included four day tabs, two hour tabs, and two minute tabs.

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This indicated that the coupon had been re-used, according to court documents. In his mitigation, Periasamy's lawyer, MrRajan Supramaniam, said the offence was a one-off incident and his client "regrets his actions very much".